Ab Blast

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By Jeremy Sonkins

Workout Breakdown


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“Quick core workout.”

A great video to stay fit when there is not much time left in your day.

  • Duration: 11 mins
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  • Calories: 58
  • Level: 7


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Ab Blast



Jeremy Sonkins

A great video to stay fit when there is not much time left in your day.

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Karen Owens

My abs definitely felt that!

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Joy Zelmanovich

Packs a lot in 11 minutes! Could this be tagged as "strengthen core" in the filters so I can find it easily?

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eglee alberti

awesome workout, thank you!!!

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Jennifer Maeve

will incorporate this sequence into a 'mat based' part of class

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Paulette Pierce

I felt it tonight and I'm sure I will tomorrow!

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Bounce Babe

A nicely condensed core workout for when you don't have much time.  Loved it!  [:06:]

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Amazing! Abs were on fire! 

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Anne Bastien

Daughter of Anne: This Ab blast was so hard and so good, I did it!! Loved it!!!!

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Amazon Angela

the lower ab bounce is a move I've never tried on Bellicon and accessed muscles I have not been able to access on the mat. Thanks Again Jeremy

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Anne Bastien

Wow, that was soooo amazing, you can see a real difference on my abs since few weeks I am doing it =D

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Michelle Hammer

Killer burn. Excellent!

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justine price

great ab workout![:06:]

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Anne Bastien

This is pure and tough abs workout with no bouncing. Merci Jeremy!!

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