Jeremy's Swissjump Workout

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By Jeremy Sonkins

Workout Breakdown


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“Towel and water breaks are important!”

Jeremy is back with a Swissjump special. 40 Minutes of power cardio while engaging the core followed by a cool down and stretching phase! Jeremy is using extra strong bungees and the t-bar, but you can also do this training without the t-bar.

  • Duration: 48 mins
  • Bounces: 4881
  • Calories: 672
  • Level: 9


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Jeremy's Swissjump Workout



Jeremy Sonkins

Jeremy is back with a Swissjump special.

The bellicon used in this video is a bellicon Classic 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

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This is exactly the kind of workout I've been looking for on my bellicon. This was absolutely awesome!!!!! Hard, but awesome. This one is going to be going on my favorite list. Right to the top.   I have done several of your workouts and have loved every single one!! THANK YOU!!!!

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So so happy to have a new video from Jeremy... glad he is back!

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Exactly what i've been wanting!  More please!

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Git down, Jeremy! Great workout!

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Agnes Pesile

I loved this workout!!! Challenging but fun and such a total body workout....  :)[:01:]

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Best workout ever did not have T Bar but fantastic routine thank you my new favourite 

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Great workout! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm happy you are back!

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Bounce Babe

Loved it... I really like the ones that are mostly bouncing, which is what this one is.  Cuing was great too...

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Leslie Koyama

Jeremy!!! Where have you been??  I MISSED YOU!  This was a spectacular workout and I loved it!  Really wiped me out.  I didn't have the T-bar but I followed along anyway.  just great!!  So so SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!  I Hope you have many many more workouts like this!  I like your long workouts to burn up those calories!  Keep them coming!  <3  [:06:]

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Kathryn Hanff

if only I could get a t bar for my bell icon - not selling in Europe at the moment so sadly I can't even try this....or any of the t bar videos

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Jeremy Sonkin

THANK YOU for watching, the encouragement, and comments so far, friends. I'm excited to be back, and look forward to delivering more for you all soon to come. Keep bouncing, being your best self, and loving the sweat! 

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This is an awesome work out , keep them coming like this!!!!!! 

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Rebecca Szucs

Awesome!  Loved it!  More please!

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Ruth Flecknell

awesome, I don't have a T bar but enjoyed the jumping all the same.  more  like this please.

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