Weight Loss #10

1455 bounces


By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown


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“Fayth and Billy are back with a fun but intense workout. ”

This video completes our Weight Loss series. Enjoy!

  • Duration: 13 mins
  • Bounces: 1455
  • Calories: 100
  • Level: 8


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Weight Loss #10



This video completes our Weight Loss series. Enjoy!

The bellicon used in this video is a bellicon Classic 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here: https://www.bellicon.com/shop/us_en/bundle/load/index/sku/CL112US/option_0/CL112F/option_1/BLGREX/option_2/BAPI112/

Awesome beginners workout for someone out of shap

yes, I agree with Anne - simple and short  workout~! I definitely feel more energy after the workout! great job Fayth and Billy

It's amazing how much you can sweat in ten minutes!  Thanks.

What a fantastic workout. Serious calorie burning in just 10 minutes!! Perfect for when you are short of time! This series has been brilliant! Loved the focus on the correct form and posture - really helped me to get the best out of each workout and avoid any unnecessary aches and pains. Thank you.

this is awesome!!!!!

I needed this - I feel invigorated to start the day! Thanks!

Great quick workout!

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