Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit

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By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown


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“A workout for any time of the day!”

Treat your body well so that your soul is thrilled to live in it – Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) Fayth works on coordination and rejuvenation with a focus on breathing and movement to detox the body.

  • Duration: 14 mins
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  • Calories: 65
  • Level: 5


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Detox and De-Stress Training



Fayth Caruso

Fayth and the bellicon experience

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Stephanie McIntyre

[:01:] Thanks for sharing!

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Debbie Malone

Love it! Thank you Fayth!

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Lynn Ticco

I love my new back already hurts less when I wake up and throughout the day!

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Debby Savage

Love this!  Thank you so much

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Randee Mathers

Good One Faith!

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Caroline Marietta

Nice and simple to rejuvenate and/or to get sweaty when you increase the tempo - love it! I find it very easy to treat my body well when I am happy bouncing on the bellicon![:01:]

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Love, love, love this detox and de-stress mini-workout!!
Would you consider doing a 30 minute one like this one? Would love that even more

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Josie H

Really really enjoyed this one - thanks Faith! :)

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Anne Bastien

This is a simple full body workout with de-stress and detox movements that allows you to increase the tempo and add also the weights if needed.
I love it! Thank you Faith!!!!

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Joanne Ashton

Lovely.  I agree with the lady who said there could be a longer version of this.

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This version was perfect. I have some minor knee issues and my physical therapist gave me (as homework) exercises to correct imbalances and work the various planes of motion. She gave me permission to do these exercises on the Bellicon, so I was thrilled to find this professional video to meet many of my homework requirements. Thank you for the thoughtful workouts that focus on overall health and balance, rather than just burning calories.

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Sadie Too

So I was very NAUGHTY in December and completely fell off my diet and exercise routine. This was a NICE workout to get back on track for the new year. I have missed my Bellicon and after 1 workout I remember why! Thank you, Fayth! This was exactly what I needed to detox and de stress after the holidays! 

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Michele Cahill

Great! Love this

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I love it !!!!

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