Remy's Full Body Workout

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By Remy D.

Workout Breakdown


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“Hello! From the Netherlands, Remy instructs a full body workout for all types. ”

Introducing Remy!

  • Duration: 14 mins
  • Bounces: 763
  • Calories: 72
  • Level: 6


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Full Body Workout by Remy D.



Remy D.

Hello from the Netherlands!

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Keith Hamilton

Hello from Ireland!

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Philipp von Kunhardt

I loved it - welcome Remy!

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Karen Haq

Excellent! I would love to see more 15 min HIIT/full body workouts. I use Bellicon in between other workouts.

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Josie H

Yay - welcome Remy - I loved your older workouts... so nice to have you here :)

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Fotini Poimenidi

Van harte welkom en de groeten uit Nederland. Ik heb jouw oudere videos gezien, maar ik vind dit veel beter. Ik vind het leuk dat je spreekt en instructies geven. Veel success! 

Welcome and greetings from The Netherlands. I have seen your older videos but I like this much better. I like that you speak and give instructions. Good luck!

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joy gordon

Problems getting the full video to begin with but then it played perfectly.  Great way to start the day![:06:]

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Loved that!

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Jennifer Maeve

Yes this is good Remy style - looking forward to new moves he is going to share on this video platform since this is a short version of his sequences. 

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Felix, it's only on my iPad that this problem exists.  Watching on a different device is not a satisfactory solution.  I posted this problem in the hope that this issue might be addressed, not to "better understand the issue."

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Audra Lakatos

Nice to see Remy here1[:01:][:06:]

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Melissa White

Worked great with AirPlay and my iPhone. Scenery was a little sad but the workout was okay. I appreciate remy using "mirror" mode to say which side he's on. His left is "right" and that's how I like to follow workouts. 

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Thanks Felix - it was only a problem viewing on iPad ... It is fine on iPhone .... Similar to others who posted on the same issue.
Thanks - Vivienne

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Marsha Anderson

I had only 34 seconds on my iPad. It worked once but does not work now.

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Great workout, but only works on my phone and not my iPad .

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