Full Body Cardio & Strength

2144 bounces


By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown


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“In this full workout, Fayth demonstrates moves you can do for arms, legs, glutes and abs. ”

Fayth at the shore demonstrating a bellicon Bounce class.

  • Duration: 28 mins
  • Bounces: 2144
  • Calories: 154
  • Level: 5


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Full Body Cardio & Strength



Fayth Caruso

Fayth at the shore demonstrating a bellicon Move class.

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Sadie Too

Sorry I asked if this was a new video,as it did not appear but this AM it does.  Can't wait to try this!

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Sadie Too

Enjoyed  this video.  Really is a full body workout. I will come back to this often.

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Linda Alimi


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barbara les

Nice!  Addresses everything within one half hour.  

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Rachelle Gatewood

I enjoyed this video. Quick well rounded workout!

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Paulette Pierce

I enjoyed this video after doing the weight loss series of 6. However, I always have technical glitches & not sure what to do about it. The video cut out about 10 times, so I would have to get off the bellicon mid-plank, etc. & go restart it. My Internet is working fine, it just seems to happen during these videos. Then since there is no break to get some water, I paused between cardio & strength, but restarting moved it back almost 10 minutes! I can't fast forward or wouldn't get the credit. Very frustrating today. It would be so awesome if we could download a single video at a time so the streaming wouldn't be interrupted. Just asking!

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Jutta Mestas

I really enjoy  the workout, Faith is so pleasent  to work with. Her Voice  and the whole Class is great, not pitchy like some of them. I really really enjoyed it , thank you so much !!!!!

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This is a keeper!  Exactly the combination I have been looking for. Great job creating this one, Fayth!

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I really wish the cardio was higher intensity like Jeremy's videos.  My heart rate didn't get high at all and I'm 52 years old! 

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[:01:]Love it

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Jennifer Maeve

like the double bounce jog - the planks leg variation 

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Debbie Sydow


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I really enjoyed this too. Cardio could be a little more intense as it is only for a short period. Love the good warm up and cool down as these are not always included much. I think 30 minutes is the perfect time for a good workout. I then go on to do a 30 min speed walk. 

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Awesome workout, so well-rounded!! I threw in a few sprints during the last round of cardio to bump up my heart rate, might be an idea for those who'd like it a little more intense!? ;) Perfect 30min bounce! 

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