Weight Loss #2

2875 bounces


By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown


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“Enjoy the 2nd video of our Weight Loss Series with Fayth and Billy!”

Fayth introduces a new student, Billy, in this full body workout video.

  • Duration: 34 mins
  • Bounces: 2875
  • Calories: 211
  • Level: 6


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Weight Loss #2



Fayth Caruso

We introduce a new student, Billy, in this full body workout video.

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I am really enjoying this series!  I love the style, and the length.  Fayth does a great job coaching!!  Please keep videos like these coming.

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Amy Start

I really enjoy these workouts and hope they continue, however, the video continues to start and stop so I am having a difficult time getting through the workout smoothly. Other than that, I love it! 

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Like the constant jogging! Yes.. these are great workouts Faith.. Look forward to more :)

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Jennifer Maeve

yes, Fayth, I agree with the above comments - weight loss workout #2 is a great runner's high

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Carmela Legaspi

Great workout!

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Lee Bridgewater

Got my Bellicon two days ago and started straight into this weight loss  series, however I do have yellow (stong) clips on my bungees and I weigh 80Kg and sometimes find these workouts a little hard on the leg muscles as the mat doesn't seem to dip in as much as on these videos- is this normal, or should I purchase some medium (blue) clip bungees? I'm a similar build to Billy, what strength bungees is he using on this video? I have a premium 49" rebounder if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!!

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Felix Kunhardt

In response to Lee Bridgewater (View post):

Got my Bellicon two days ago and started straight into this weight loss  series, however I do h...

Hello Lee, great that you started right into the weight loss series. Please take your time to get used to workout on the bellicon - you may want to start with shorter videos first. Regarding the bungee strength, I would not worry too much, the stronger your bungee the easier it should be for you to follow the routine in the video. The softer the bungee the more you have to do the work yourself. 

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Lee Bridgewater

In response to Felix Kunhardt (View post):

Hello Lee, great that you started right into the weight loss series. Please take your time to get us...

Many thanks for replying so quickly Felix, I followed the intial first bounce DVD that came with my Bellicon then loved the idea of the be360 instructor led series as just repeating the same steps in the past with other excercise products have always made me feel less motivated. I am really surpised at how much I work up a sweat with these videos, they are great! Would I benefit in anyway by purchasing some lower strength bungees?

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Dianne Lemieux

Thank you so much.  I recently had cataract surgery and could not practice on my Bellicon.  I have been released by my doc and it is so good to be back.  I am not sure that I would be as motivated without the videos.  Thanks again for your generosity.  I am thinking of saving my pennies and buying another Bellicon for my office.

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Audra Lakatos

Another great workout!  Love how there was some leg strengthening work with the squats and it built on the moves from the 1st weight loss workout.  I also liked how you chose a different student as everyone moves a little different.[:01:]

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I'm not necessarily looking to lose weight but these weigthloss workouts are just plain awesome! :) They are fun and give so much variety; how could a bouncing fitness enthusiast ever get bored!? Really looking forward to the next one! Vx

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Maria Simone Korbe

I like these workouts, esp when we are able to stay with a motivating beat!

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Lee Bridgewater

This was great with the medium bungees, really felt the burn in my thigh muscles and thought the cool down at the end with the stretching was well needed! Drinking plentry of water throughout the day (in my case sparkling spring water). Looking forward to day 3![:01:]

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Sept. 25,2015, my back and hip were injured..I have put on 20 pounds and my balance is not good. I was uncomfortable with my bellicone so I ended up ordering the T-bar for help balancing.  My questions: how to incorporate the arm movements until I regain my strength? I am switching arms as one remains lightly touching the t-bar. I did weight loss 1 yesterday and this one today.  Thank you for your help.

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