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John Rosa

As a newbie, I guess i'm looking for honest answers as to how effective the Bellicose Rebounder is in the area of losing weight. I just turned 54 and i'm at 268 ponds right now. My goal is get under 200 eventually, so any posts from someone who has seen some real results would be greatly appreciated. Thank you - John

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Hi John- I don't have an answer for you as I'm new to the idea of using the Bellicon too as a weight loss tool. Just wanted to let you know that someone read your post and I'm here with you. Let's find this weight loss goal together!

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Hi John and Theresa, I'm right there with you!

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I have used Bellicon for well over a year and have found it a great help in weight loss and in maintaining that loss and fitness. However you do need to be doing some of the more energetic videos and ensure you do one everyday or say five times a week. I usually do mine Monday to Friday and have the weekend off. I bounce for at least 20 minutes and then spend 10 minutes on abdominals followed by stretches. I usually then go on a 30 minute walk. getting out I to nature and fresh air is just as important. As is a healthy diet. I'm into juicing too which really helps too. Good luck. 

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Felix Kunhardt

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As a newbie, I guess i'm looking for honest answers as to how effective the Bellicose Rebounder...

Hi John, 

Yes, the bellicon can help you lose weight. It helps you to burn calories without overdoing it because it’s so easy to adjust the pace and duration of your exercise. After a bellicon workout, instead of feeling exhausted for the rest of the day, you’ll feel invigorated. The bellicon is also so convenient. It’s designed to be used either indoors or out, with bare feet or shoes, and it’s ultra sturdy frame, strong enough to support users weighing up to 440 pounds, is practically silent. And because bouncing on the bellicon is so much fun, and because of the wide range of exercises you can do on it, it’s anything but boring.

If working out for you has seemed way too much like work, try the bellicon. It’s the overall health and fitness solution that’s actually fun!

You may want to check this page:

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