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Group Class Workout with Fayth Caruso



Fayth Caruso

Join in on our be360 group class workout. Begin with a warm up, and move through a well-rounded full body workout.

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Kristy Urquhart

I liked from 12 minutes on - when the cardio finally kicked in.

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Enjoyed variety of movements!

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Brad Deichler

Good workout Faith - my first shot at be360 and found it challenging.

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Joy Zelmanovich

Nice all around workout. Includes warm up and cool down.

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enjoy it thoroughly, even I was short of breath for a bit. but really awesome

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Diane Gustafson

Nice easy workout

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Christine Florian

Great workout! Would love to see more group classes with fun music to bounce to.

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The warm up period was too long for my preference, I would love to find short 10-15 cardio only video on this site with Faith.

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A bit of everything; excellent way to start the day,

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Cat M


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Jennifer Maeve

good structure

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Jana Spencer

Loved the variety and cardio

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I'd love to see more group classes like this one! The 2 that were on YT have disappeared! I really enjoyed those (w/ sand weights! More sand weights pls!)! :)

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