Power Bounce



Jeremy Sonkins

Build strength with this challenging workout with Jeremy. This is a workout for advanced levels.

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Joy Zelmanovich

Whoa this is the hardest be360 video I have tried so far. Challenging in a good way! I liked all the twists and the music wasn't too loud to hear Jeremy.

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Annette lockhart

Enjoyed it

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LOVED this workout! Definitely one of the most challenging and fun yet!

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Very challenging. Just what I needed.

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Malini Dusey

Boy that was great. The first one on 360 that I tried so far. Sure was challengin. I actually had to crack open the windows even though it's freezing out. Loved it.

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Kristy Urquhart

Some choreography was quite challenging and I had to modify a bit! Heart rate got right up there. music was enjoyable. Looking forward to more 'Get Vigorous' videos like this one, with just cardio and over 20 mins long

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Great workout, really got the heart rate up. Thanks and keep them coming.

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Kim lauer

Loved this-have never been able to break a sweat until this one-more challenges like this please!

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Nice workout Jeremy! I just finished it! :-) Greetings from Switzerland

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This was great, two suggestions: Please do these videos without the soundtrack so I can use my own music but still hear the instruction, and redo this one without the lengthy instruction (like a version for experienced/advanced jumpers that don't need to hear the detailed instructions). I loved it, I'm sitting here typing this with sweat running off my chest--great cardio workout!

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Jennifer Maeve

i like this workout very much so and will use this often in my classes

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Keith Kustra

Really enjoyed this one!

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I like this one

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Amy Sayers

Oh my, good thing Jeremy stays so positive and smiling because I think that may have been the only thing that got me through this!  A GREAT workout--the one legged bounces were killer--really felt them working the whole leg. Good stuff! 

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