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Intro to Bounce at Clarke House Park



Fayth Caruso

This workout is an introduction to bouncing at the beautiful Clark House Park in Chicago. It's great for all levels.

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Great workout! Faith gives excellent alignment tips throughout the workout. This workout is listed as an introduction but could be any time a gentle workout is what you crave. The workout progresses at a safe place. Nicely done!

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Deborah Bradley

I was so excited to see this program offered....and as a gift! Great class

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Deborah Bradley

I should have written in earlier. I love this trampoline. I could never use others. I've had a very bad car accident leaving me with spine, knees & both shoulder surgeries. I can't ride my road bike or do much of anything......until I got this tramp! The health bounce helped so much thru the surgeries and now I'm getting so fit again. I'm & feel great! Thank you!!!

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Deborah Bradley

Bounces not bones

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Vincenza Mirto

Just got my trampoline couple of days ago and i must say I love it!!!!!

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Prince Karimalikal

nice and easy

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Janice Desloover

Enjoyed the workout. The only discomfort was in the calf muscles. Anyone else experience that?

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Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

Really enjoyed this class as a morning workout. Kate provides great information regarding correct positioning of the body. Such a pleasant instructor!

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Love this work out, nice easy stretching movements. I'm 53 and new to rebounding. I love it!! Great on the joints!!

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Bonjour, je voudrais savoir si un jour le site sera en français. J'aime beaucoup vos scéances. Merci

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Janice Desloover

I definitely notice an improvement in my balance.

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Carla Robinson

Really great.  I never would've thought to engage my hip muscles. 

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great morning workout

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