Morning Workout



Fayth Caruso

This workout is designed with you early risers in mind. This is a great workout to do to ease your way into your day.

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Linda Alimi

Love it!!!

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JB Cole

Bummer, this video did not play, kept starting and stopping. Will try

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Awesome gentle way to stretch into your day

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Jennifer Kerr

Great morning wake up!

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so good thank you!!!!

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Nice variety! Really enjoyed it!

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Jennifer Maeve

solid gentle workout

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Sheila Kulycky

Great even though I am not an early riser. I liked the variety and Fayth is a wonderful instructor.

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I enjoy this workout and have been doing it for the past few mornings. However, there is an issue with the video. It freezes up and sometimes restarts or jumps out of full screen mode. This has happened each of the past few days. I watch plenty of videos on my computer and don't think that is the issue. Seems this started with your recent site upgrade. Hope it can be fixed. Thanks

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Laura McDonagh

excellent morning warmup! Love be360 and my bellicon[:01:]

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Brett Christoffel

That was fun thank you!

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Grace Gaylord

[:01:]This is the first full video I've done on be360! Good video to do some light bouncing and stretching. I did this on a Sunday morning after getting plenty of sleep, so I was hoping for a bit more bouncing. That said, I will try again during the week bright and early in the morning when I haven't gotten quite as much sleep ;) Faye is a good instructor for these relaxing early morning workouts because she has such a calming voice.

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Marry Oliemans

Thx really fine morning work out

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