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Strengthening Posture



Fayth Caruso

This excellent, medium-intensity cardio workout includes plenty of exercises designed to improve your posture and body alignment. Filmed in front of Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain and led by one of be360’s founders, Fayth Caruso.

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great video and filming!

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Dianne Lemieux

Many thanks Fayth. Just getting started with my B. Workout was challenging for my balance and cardio but most of all fun and intrinsicly rewarding.

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Great workout, could use a little more cool down at the end. Thanks

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Fun! Easy with plenty of room for me to practice & improve my technique - yay!

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Susie Cantor

Just enough cardio for this 60yo body. I sure would love a more compelling beat. AND, I'll do it again!

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Janice Desloover

A little challenging, but good.

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Great workout! However, I'm with Michelle, the cool down was too abrupt. Thanks for these workouts!

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Great. I'm warm and relaxed now and ready to start the day.

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Philipp von Kunhardt

loved it - just the right after work workout!

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Bounce Babe

Great short cardio![:06:]

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Sadie Too

This was a great workout to stretch out my back and shoulders after a long day hunched over my computer at work. Thank you Fayth!

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Tania Rehman


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Sherry Shrimpton

love this workout...going to keep in mind for evening unwind enjoyment.

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Sherry Shrimpton

I love having the fountain in the back gound it is so peacefull and refreshing too...

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