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Bouncing Beach Workout



Fayth Caruso

Bounce by the beach in Chicago. This is a well rounded workout that begins with some light cardio and balance work and progresses into stretching.

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I love this!!!!

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Jennifer Maeve

This workout is a nice balance of coordination and rhythmic balance training.

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My favorite so far!!

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Hattie Schenck

This was fun!

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Keith Kustra

Giving me spring fever.

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Susie Cantor

This was a fun one. My video stopped mid way, so I had to start midway a second time, so you won't see that I actually followed this video, but I did. I strongly and respectfully request hipper, more fun and exciting music. All of the be360 videos have such boring music. Like elevator music. Can't find the beat, not very interesting, bland. PLEASE, can you find better music?

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One of my favorites!

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Carla Robinson

Really fun!

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Love it!!!!

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thank you for this( for me the  first) nice workout, i love it 

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great workout

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Caroline Marietta

I had a fun time dancing....ah...working out[:02:]....thank you Fayth!

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Jade Osborne

Thanks I loved this. Love Fayth's workouts - with ballet training background I love her body awareness and counting in eights [:01:]

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anne elliott

That was great. Wish I was on the beach as well. A grey London just isn't the same

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