Sunshine Bounce



Fayth Caruso

Join Fayth for an enjoyable workout bouncing to motown. Appropriate for an intermediate level.

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Diane Gustafson

looking for a more sustained bouncing cardio workout - haven't found it yet… but bouncing all the way through made it a better workout!

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Jennifer Maeve

this is a good 'before coffee' morning session - awakens the body with ease and progression

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Janice Desloover

Great! Faith is a wonderful instructor. Explains and demonstrates the exercises clearly and with such a positive vibe.

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eglee alberti

this bellicon rutines are the best ever!!!!!!

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Love Fayth' workouts. I find her very easy to guide me through and this video is a favorite!  

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kim berry

i can't get in
it keeps giving me a blocked  pluggedmessage

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Feels great to be jumping again after taking off for one week! Energized again!!!

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Alejandra Peña

Feels goooood! [:06:]

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Esther Ozomatlie

Great morning start workout! Feel completely fresh and awakened .

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Caroline Marietta

It is  fall, it is cold and wet and dark outside (at least here in Germany) - so what a perfect way to start the day with a sunshine easy breezy workout to bounce the gray away and take the happy sunshine bouncing mood with me into the day [:11:] Thank you Fayth, you made my day!!

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Eugenia Guadalupe

Excellent workout!

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Cecile Caldwell

This video froze about halfway through and now it won't play for me at all. I don't seem to be able to skip it to continue with the plan. Any suggestions?

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Anne Bastien

I love this one... nice and smooth with little cardio. I do it with 1 kg of weight. :-)

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