Lite Cardio



Jeremy Sonkins

Light intermediate cardio workout.

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David Dunn

Good introduction and workout

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Malini Dusey

I upped it a little bit and followed the instructions at a higher intensity. Was a great work out

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too easy maybe?

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This is a nice option after a long work day, I'd say!? Great for those days when you're pooped but still want some movement? Intensity can definitely be upped by the bouncer. I liked it!

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Diane Gustafson

not much cardio but nice stretches.

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I'd say, it's more like a level 3 or 4 rather than 6.

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Keith Kustra

Seemed like a beginners video.

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Jennifer Maeve

I like these movement sequences very much so.

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Sheila Kulycky

It was a nice stretch, but not much bouncing. It was not what I was expecting or what I need at the time.

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very nice workout thank you!!

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The audio was messed up on this one. I could hear the coach just fine, but the background music was too low, and then cut in and out throughout the video.

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agreed, nice stretches but not much cardio. more beginner level than intermediate. love the outdoor background & watching the birds as a distraction!

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I love bouncing but this was overall a great workout with minimal bounce. Will be keeping it in my favorites!

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Bounce Babe

This is a good warm-up but I think it should be renamed.  There wasn't enough cardio for it even to be "light"..  The cardio started even after he does abs (way at the end).  I did like it, but in the future, I'll use it as a warm-up or cool-down.  I think this should be renamed to "warm-up"  and also be a Level 2 (certainly not a 6).  [:08:]

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