Cardio Crush



Jeremy Sonkins

This workout focuses on cardio training, with some power exercises. Improve your endurance with sprints and jogging during this 20 min workout.

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Michele Procinsky


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Kristy Urquhart

I really enjoyed this video. Good variation in moves and music worked well to motivate me. Heart rate got right up there. Wish the video was a bit longer!! Cant wait to see more 'Get Vigorous' videos like this one

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kicked my butt but I want to be able to do the cowboy! so I look forward to trying again tomorrow

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Best cardio workout I've tried so far.

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Nice workout! Could you please, please, pleeeeeeeese post the same workout but without the soundtrack? The workout is great, but the music sucks, I want to be able to play my own music but still hear the instructions. Even with the bad music, I'll definitely do this one again.

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Great short cardio blast!

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super workout in a short time!!!! I am not good trained, but did it in my own speed. Perfekt!

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Love love loved it!!

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Crushed! :D That was awesome, it'd be nice to have another one like this with warm up and stretch included!

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A great short workout that got my to my target.

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3 weeks with the bellicon and I'm down a size. And it's fun!

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Jennifer Maeve

awesome useful workout sequence for high intensity class

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Amy Sayers

Love this workout when I want a quick workout, that tears me up.

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You're a great coach and example. That's hard to find so truly thank you... Thank you.
Good video. Can you PLEASE, PLEASE add more videos that focus on intense cardio and are longer. I'm already very fit (and workout between 11,000' and 13,500' where I also live) and would love harder options. I do this video 2x then another level 9 video and still can't get my heart rate up or feel very tired. Please... But again, THANK YOU. Thank you.

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