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Daisy's Just Dance Workout



I'm back with a fun dance workout for y'all!

Daisy - hope you are well - when are you coming out with a new dance video?

Loved the workout routine but was surprised there was not cool down period at the end. Seems like most trainers (no matter what workout routine) stress cooling down. 

Awesome fun, Daisy! I love the way you keep it moving and keep it interesting. Although I would love to do this length more often, being very busy, like many people, I find 20 minutes is optimal, for a good workout, but not too much time out of the day. That's hard to get, but just these extra 7 or 10 minutes make it more difficult. So please make lots more variations on these themes, in the 15-20 minute range. Its fun to try new ones, and keep the coordination alert. Thanks for your upbeat tone, and dynamism!

In truth the workout was great, but I would appreciate modesty in attire.  I would not be able to recommend this to my daughters or be able to watch it again due to that one fact.  Thank you for taking that into consideration.

perfect length and heart rate !!!  keep these coming!  ill be back soon!!

Fun SundayMorning workout!! Thanks

Great workout, thank you!

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