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Weight Loss for Beginners



Fayth Caruso

Weight Loss for Beginners

The bellicon I used in this video is a bellicon Premium 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

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Another great workout by Fayth!!! This really worked every part of the body and I broke a sweat!! Loved it!

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Margie Negri

Awesome job once again Fayth!

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Peter Dixon

Great intro to Bellicon workouts[:01:]

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Great video, Fayth.  Truly, I was introduced to the joy of movement at age 72 through your videos. Thank you.

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Carrie Lechtenberger

Great short workout! [:01:]

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This was great! Will revisit this one again!

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gina clark

Another great workout, Fayth! Would love to see some for pregnancy.

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Always love your workouts fayth!

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Marian van Daalen

Great workout! Very doable yet real good cardio. Thank you Fayth - I love all your videos!

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[:01:] luv this one! Thank you!

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Marry Oliemans

Short and good for me[:02:]

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Kathy locy

Thank you that was just what I needed.  Have been recovering from an injury and this was the mild workout that I needed to get back into rebounding  

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Helen Humphrerys

Love this workout.   Thanks a lot Belllicon Home Team.

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Donna Johnson

This was a great workout!  I got a good sweat and felt challenged.  Thank you, Fayth! I would love to see more Weight Loss for Beginners! 

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