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Jill Shannon

Find your balance, bounce soft, and feel good!

The bellicon I am using in this video is a bellicon Classic 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

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Margie Negri

That was lovely! But I have a hard time believing it burned 251 calories. That would be awesome though if it did, because it was so gentle and fun.

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Felix Kunhardt

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That was lovely! But I have a hard time believing it burned 251 calories. That would be awesome thou...

You are absolutely right - thank you for your note! We changed it - we estimate a total of 105 calories that you burn during this workout [:01:]

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Laura McDonagh

Love mixing yoga and bellicon! My favorite things!

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Really like it.  Please have more of the yoga work out like this. Thank you.

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This was lovely and gentle.  Could you make some videos for pregnancy please?  Yoga and general rebounding?

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Vanessa Downing

Loved this!

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anne drillick

Thank you Jill! This was great. Could you add some other videos with more yoga asanas? What about using therabands or tubing looped around the frame to stabilize the standing poses instead of the Tbar?

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Really nice practice. Would like to see more videos combining bouncing and yoga. Thanks, Jill!  Always great to use the Bellicon in new, fun and creative ways. [:11:]

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Marcia Mayper

That was so nice Jill thank YOU!!!!!

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I love this! More from Jill please. 

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sherry karstens

I really enjoyed this bounce yoga workout with Jill! I plan on doing it at least once a week.

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Dominique Schell

That was great. 

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Sheila Durbin

A perfect way to start the day!

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I  asked for yoga on the bellicon in the forum - and my prayers have been heard - thank U ! :-)
Now I am just looking forward to  many more  flows - this one  is nice and basic - but still do you good.
best from GHITA 

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