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Jeremy's Swissjump Workout



Jeremy is back with a Swissjump special.

The bellicon used in this video is a bellicon Classic 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

Excellent work out. I love it. I do it instead of my run training -  I get much more muscles involved and it is much safer bouncing in my garden than running in the streets of Mexico

definitely broke a good sweat - did it without the T bar - a little more variation would give my body the novelty it needs coupled with the repetition 

Great work [:06:][:06:]

great workout and fun as well! thank you!!!

I'm very over weight and unfit, but I complete this great workout safely, by going at half speed and taking recovery closed chain bounces as needed. The fact that I can keep moving and breathing with control, for the duration of the routine, is only made possible by the quality of the Bellicon. The availability of the wide range of videos, is helping me, to maintain my motivation. On completion of Jeremy's  routine, I feel energised and my torso feels fluid and relaxed. Thank you - Northern Lass U.K.[:01:]

Thanks so much for this workout.  Do it without a bar.  Jeremy is my fave so I hope there will be even more workouts from him.  The intensity is great. Loved it.

I just swapped out some of my bungees so I'm looking forward to trying this one out again!  Had a heckuva time keeping up pace on this one, and like many others here have mentioned, no t-bar either.  Love your vids big time, Jeremy.  Keep bringing the intensity!

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