Lymphatic Cleanse



Jeremy Sonkins

A challenging cardio workout that encourages lymphatic flow and boosts your immune system.

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Karen Summers

Awesome. I feel so alive

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Aimee Eby

Wow! I love this one! (: <3

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Nice and easy energizer!

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Simple, simple bouncing! :) I liked it! Would be a great one for early morning!

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Jill Krebs

Very nice! I counted the bounces, though, because it seemed as if there were way more than 425. There are 1200!

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be360 support team

Good catch, @Jill, thanks! We recounted and adjusted the number of bounces!

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Jennifer Maeve

i like the arm movements and overall a nice sequence

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Jana Spencer

This is great!

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anne elliott

Makes you feel you've got your heart working

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Man, I loved this! At first I wondered about just music with no vocal instruction, but I actually liked it. It gave my brain more freedom to think and just jump. I will come back to this one. Very nice!

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great morning workout

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great workout by the bean[:03:]

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Joel Sanchez

Great workout to start of the day..

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River west

River west

River west

River west

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be360 uses the PCFBR
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