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Lenka's Cardio Boost Workout



Lenka Keehnen

Lenka is back with another video focusing on cardio.

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[:06:] Thank you for introducing Lenka. Fantastic video: clear, progressive steps & contagious energy! Perfect for a newbie to belliconing (new verb?) with post injury.

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For swiss jumping I used the banister off my stair case since I do not have the T bar. :) Great.

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Great way for a quick blast of energy

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Bounce Babe

Loved it... the high-intensity portion of the cardio was short but effective.    Looking forward to more from Lenka! [:06:]

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Gala Sereno

That was awesome and fun! Thank you!

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Reed Fisher

More, more, more!  Infectious energy and a great short blast workout.  Hurry with more vids, hopefully longer with the same intensity.  Keep it up!

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Robert Verkerk

Reminded me of Ravel's Bolero!! Thank you, Lenka - great workout! ;-)

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I loved it!

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nathalie limon

I really enjoyed this Dear lenka , thank you so much , you are simply the best :)

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Margie Negri

Great work but cueing is hard to follow. Awesome job though!

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