Weight Loss #10



Fayth Caruso

This video completes our Weight Loss series. Enjoy!

The bellicon used in this video is a bellicon Classic 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

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Jade Osborne

That's fab Fayth, I have been enjoying your workouts so much. With a ballet training background I love your body alignment awareness and your counting in eights [:02:] I have completed the weight loss series twice but there are only eight videos that I can see and when I search for the latest, #10, I can't see it? [:12:] Thanks so much. Ah, found it now, thank you!

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Great quick workout!  I've had three hip replacements, and the bellicon and these videos are a great addition to my walking/cycling workouts.

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Jeanne Grossman

What model and size is he on?

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Becky Eilert

Anybody know why this says it is playing but it is not? Arrow just going round and round

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gina clark

WOW! I wouldn't even have time to drive to the gym in the time it took to complete this workout. My bellicon and the videos have helped me be the most successful and consistent with any work outs ever. I love how this one is so simple yet so effective. Thanks you guys!!

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Michele Cahill

Billy and Faith together are great. Thanks

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Perfect! 2 in a row even better :D thanks!

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Robert Verkerk

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This video completes our Weight Loss series. Enjoy!

The bellicon used in this video i...

Hi Fayth - Rob from the UK here. I'm a cyclist and really been looking for a good form of core and load-bearing training to supplement my cycling - and my Bellicon and your fantastic training videos are a revelation! Feel great after the 10 day weight loss series - 1kg lost but more importantly I can really feel improved tone and energy! Thank you!! [:01:]

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WOW!! Intense!! Loved it!!

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Sybil Hill

great! quick and got a bit of a sweat! 

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Really enjoyed the Weight Loss Series, Fayth. And thanks to Billy for sweating away with the rest of us. This is a good quick work-out when you want to get some bouncing in and get your heart rate up, but don't have much time. The suggestion to repeat the Tabata for a longer/more intense work-out is also good. Hope to see more like these in the future.

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katie metz

I love this one!

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Thank you Fayth. I enjoy your presentation of the Bellicon videos! I have been in the fitness industry teaching, coaching and training for over 30 years. I now teach Pilates full time and love the addition of the Bellicon workouts.  The weight loss series was a fun challenge. Thanks to Billy and Eric also.

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Anne Bastien

Simple and short workout..... and good cardio :-)

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