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Remy D.'s Calorie Burning Freestyle



Remy D.

Remy introduces fresh moves in a circuit setting. Remember to have fun and breathe!

The bellicon used in this video is a bellicon Premium 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

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Zoë Rose Hamilton

Remy rules! I love his playful attitude while getting a serious workout in!

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Lynn Rich

Great little oxigenating pick-me-up![:03:]p

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Randee Mathers

We love these quick work outs...more Remy please!

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Bounce Babe

I enjoyed busting a move with Remy!  I prefer the workouts like this that are "all bounce" (no half on-the-floor squats, etc.).  This was perfect!  I couldn't keep up with him but I just did the moves at my own pace.  LOVED THE MUSIC!  (I don't like most of the music on the Bellicon videos, but this one had a good beat).  Plus there were moves on this one that I had never done/seen before.  Great cuing too.  [:01:][:06:][:01:]

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Marry Oliemans

Thank you Remy , good warming up!

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Ria de Looff

Ria de Looff                                               De oefeningen zijn echt leerzaam en ik gebruik de bellicon dagelijks meer dan een half uur, Thank you [:01:]

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barbara les

Enjoyed this one a lot!  Thanks Remy!

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I waves totally uncoordinated but it was still fun :-)

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Caroline Marietta

Fun, fun, fun! I was wearing a broad grin on my face while enjoying this workout! Quick, breathtaking and a lot of fun - thank you, Remy!

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Gina Wallace

What a fun dance party!  I did it twice in a row.  Thanks for these great videos! 

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Love much fun!  Remy D is so fun to work out with.  Love the upbeat music and his relaxed vibes!!  Keep the videos coming! 

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Loved this! Lots of fun! Would love a longer version! [:01:]

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Loved this for a fast workout x[:01:]

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Josie H

This was super fun!  Thanks Remy [:01:]

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