Weight Loss #8



Fayth Caruso


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Debbie Malone

Love It, thank you Fayth and Billy!

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Fotini Poimenidi

That was my favourite so far in the weight loss series.

 Thank you Fayth! Billy you did great and you motivated me a lot, thanks!

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great workout

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Really happy to see more episodes in the Weight Loss Series being released. I liked the variety with the "20 moves" format. It was nice to see Billy back as Fayth's student and an unexpected surprise to see him in the Bellicon Thanksgiving video - didn't realize he was an employee! Keep these coming, please. [:11:]

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Really enjoyed this workout!

 Great leading the way Billy. It is helpful doing it with someone that can identify with what we are going through, as we press on through this series.

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I love this, thank you!

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Toni B Porturas

Tough! Felt good!

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Laura McDonagh

loved the long stretch of cardio!

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Super fun!

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This is a great extension for me. Please keep going!

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Anne Bastien

I confirm.... THIS IS A TOUGH ONE.... but I love it with it's 20 different movements!!!!!
Bravo Billy, you seem to have lost weight since the beginning of that weight loss serie.
Bonne année to both of you from France :-)

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donna moak

Loved the variety of the 20 movements!

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Weight Loss #8 doesn't load any more!

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Anne Bastien

I am Anne's partner and 66 years old.
I love this workout!!! Not boring at all as different range of exercices that you can do at your own pace :-)
Merci Faith and Billy

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