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Remy D.'s High Intensity Interval Training



Michelle Gilchrist

Fabulous!  HIIT is a winner. Thank you! [:11:]

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Reed Fisher

Very cool - a good change up and different exercises that he's mostly pulled from his "pre" BelliconHome days.  Effective to say the least - got my heart rate up and my mind  focused.  Need to tell folks though that a ball of some type is essential for the ball bounce portion - I use sand weights and  they didn't work so well when I bounced 'em. Keep the vids coming! [:01:]

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Jade Dexter

AWESOME!!! LOVE IT!!! This is what i am looking for a quick but very intense workout that burns calories while having fun:-) Remy is my favorite instructor here and the only think that would make this workout better is if it was shot in front of the ocean like many of Remy,'s workouts. THANK YOU!!! Bring more like this to Bellicon:-)

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anne elliott

I enjoyed that

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Nice quick workout to raise heart rate!  Where can one purchase the weighted balls?

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Nancy Walker

What kind and poundage are the weights?

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Barbara Faibish

Great work out.  Thank you.

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barbara les

Great work out- innovative and fun!

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Wow great workout. I had to modify it a little but I feel great. Thanks Remy!

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Laura McDonagh

excellent video!

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Kristina Chilton


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Susan Marsh

I LOVED this workout!  Thanks  Remy!

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donna moak

I have a lot of trouble with Bellicon videos stopping mid-workout and then I have to mess with them to get them restarted.  I don't have trouble with any other workout videos -- I use Yogaglo a lot with no problem at all.  I have a MacBook Air.  Any suggestions?

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Kristina Chilton

LOVE Remy D! the best workouts and best instructor!

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Susan Marsh

This is my most favorite so far!

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