Weight Loss #7



Fayth Caruso

Fayth and Paige take you through another weight loss video. New moves are introduced.

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Lee Bridgewater

Fantastic that the weight loss series has been rejuvenated!! Please complete 8 through 10 as I think this is an amazing workout series and probably one of the first series most of us would watch when we initially receive our fantastic Belicon!!   

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This was a very nice workout, all muscles and quick and slow . Everything was there, thank you.

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Thanks Fayth and Paige for the great workout. A little bit of everything. I like a lot the rythme variations[:01:]

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Marry Oliemans

Great workout, thx

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Anne Bastien

I have done the 6 previous Weight Loss workouts and I love this one too!!!! Thank you Faith and Page :-) 

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anne elliott

That was challenging

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Great workout

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Laura McDonagh

Excellent workout!

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Susan Marsh

Thanks Faith - great workout!

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Anne Bastien

I just love this one!!!! Tough and very challenging :-)

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This is great thanks. some tough challenges but good we can work at our own level. I get cramp in my feet when I try anything sitting on the bellicon though maybe it will eventually get better. Love this series.

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I appreciate the coordination, mental challenges added to the routines that hit every plane for arms and legs. The stretches to wake up and cool down are brief and effective. First class instruction. Thanks.

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Tania Rehman


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Marry Oliemans

Great work out [:01:]

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