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Arnita Champion's Lower Body Workout




This workout focuses strengthening your Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes. Remember to keep your Mookie tight!

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Thanks ,Arnita ! [:01:][:11:] Exactly what I was looking for for my lower body !

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Thanks ,Arnita ! [:01:][:11:] Exactly what I was looking for for my lower body !

Oh yeah! I am so glad you found me! More to come!!!!![:01:]

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Ha! I just did my own workout and my legs burn. Hahahaha! Did you feel the burn too!?

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WOOEEEE girl that is killer, love your workouts!!

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Carol Nathan

Awesome workout!  Looking forward to more from you!![:01:]

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Arielle Piastunovich

Awesome leg workout

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Bounce Babe

Great leg workout!  I hadn't ever thought about doing those types of moves on the Bellicon.  [:11:]

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Tania Rehman

Arnita!!!! Girl I just did your workout.  As always your energy is contagious. 52? Wow!!! Loved this workout.  Short and shweet [:03:].  As for those who pointed out your error, hey there are those out there on patrol waiting to point out a mistake. Don't let it get you down.  We all make brain fog mistakes.  We love you the more for it.  Please film a bellicon workout to get arms like yours.  Best regards!

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Karen Owens

Great quick workout for the legs and buttocks!


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Sadie Too

Wow I really felt the burn the next day! Great workout. Can wait until the upper body and resistance bands workouts post!

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Judy Koehlinger

Fantastic! Love your personality, ii had a great workout and  had a blast at the same time!  

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janet woodhouse

mint workout ...just got my Bellicon and loving it,

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janet woodhouse

I have not much co-ordination but mint workout. just got my Bellicon and loving it.[:01:]

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Fotini Poimenidi

Hi Arnita! I was out of the Bellicon community for a couple of months due to some health issues and I was sooooo exited to see you here today! You were my favourite  youtube "torture" and I am very pleased to welcome you in the bellicon community! I loved this video and I am off to try your core workout. Thank you!!

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