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Quick Fat Burning T-bar Workout



Daisy Miller

This is all you need for fun exercise with some good calorie-burning.

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Hey Champ! Love this! I will be bouncing with you again! [:02:]

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Renee mathews

Really like this class and instructor.  More from her

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Bill Reedy

This video shows a T-bar attached just to the perimeter ring. I thought the ones I saw required attachment to  one of the legs, which made the removable ones I have less convenient. If it attaches as shown please let me know and I will buy one. Thanks, Bill

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Mary Mang

"Who Dat Bounce Dat" Ms Daisy!!  Great job lady from your fellow instructor here in New Orleans!!

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Great workout to get your heart pumping but I feel I could go one more round!  Thanks!

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Angie D

That was fantastic, so much going on I never got bored and the time sped by, I was finished before I knew it. Please can we have more from Daisy? [:01:]

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Sadie Too

Great video and love Miss Daisy! I'm sure next time I'll work through the moves better now that I know the sequencing. 

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great work out. would love to have instructors give guidance on workouts specific for various parts of the body so when you are doing them you know what part is being focused on, or give choice videos for shaping various body parts ---tricep, bicep, thigh, stomach

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Bounce Babe

Fantastic!  I wish it had been longer though.  This is a great short cardio with good choreography and cuing (cuing prior to a change is key, and Daisy does this so that participants can be in synch with her throughout the workout without missing a beat).  This has a really good variety of moves ,and I loved how she did different combinations of movements.  So, I'd love more from this instructor and I would love more T-Bar workouts (this one didn't really require a T-bar even though she used it occasionally... it could be done without one).  [:01:]

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Anne Bastien

Hello Daisy,

You were very enthusiastic! Thats was great. But I do have to say that it was a bit confusing your exercices, I couldn't follow really, not enough structure. I do Beliicon everyday with Jeremy on Level 9 everyday almost.
I would love to have you as one of my instructor because you have a lot of energy and (by the way good music on the background). Thank you for the exercice just a bit more structure and explanation. but otherwise a lot of bouncing and that is super!!! Thank you again!

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Great workout.  Enjoyed Daisy's enthusiasm would like to see a longer workout with her.

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Camille Bulliard

LOVED THIS VIDEO! Love, love, love!  Anxiously awaiting for a longer workout with Daisy!

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Ive doing this everyday now! Loved it!

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Philipp von Kunhardt

Loved it!

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