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Remy D.'s Low Impact Training



Remy D.

Once more we find ourselves in the lovely Netherlands. Remy has some challenging moves for us to improve balance and flexibility.

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tiziana castiglioni

Low Impact Training: perfect for those with back pain, osteoporosis and arthritis[:01:]

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Gert von Kunhardt

Remy got it! Best video ever! Super! Thank you!

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Janet Harder

Nice, Remy!  Great for beginners like myself, only on my X-strong mat ... One day!  One day!!  Thank you!

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Mama Lion

Fantastic low-impact workout, and combining some yoga too! More like this please![:01:]

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Kim Meseck

Belicon owners like to

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Kim Meseck

Very nice video, Remy

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Kim Meseck

In response to Mama Lion (View post):

Fantastic low-impact workout, and combining some yoga too! More like this please![:01:]

Like the Yoga componen

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Trisha Rogers

I only watch this to see is I could do it.  Please do not add hours that I haven't done yet. . You should have some way for me to watch to see if a certain video will work for me or not.  I am 65 and my knees hurt so I have to be careful.  I only signed up for a month to make sure this will work for me. 

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Eileen Makuchnik

Please have Remy do more low impact videos. I like that balancing was a major component. He is a great instructor. 

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Bounce Babe

I did this at the end of the day and it was perfect for me.  i didn't want a high-impact workout... just something to help me "chill" and this was great!

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Sherry Shrimpton

nice...good to have different instructor and good workout...

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Jennifer Maeve

great moves Remy - innovative - supportive and challenging 

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Wow wow wow!  I absolutely love this video.  Remy you are so peaceful and have such a soothing way about you.... Very relaxing but I broke a sweat!!!  Thank you!!!,

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Two thumbs up RemyD. Love how you mix so many disciplines into your videos. Always fun and never boring.  Updated comment: This one never gets old. What a great "feel good" work-out. [:06:]

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