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Remy D.'s Strength Exercise



Remy D.

Remy D. is back again! This time to show you how you can strengthen all muscles using the bellicon. bellicon weights are used in this video but can be substituted for vegetable cans in your own pantry.

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Great work out with weights for upper body

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Wendy Ogilvie

Loved this,wishitwaslongerthough

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Jennifer Maeve

i too love this video and wish it was longer 

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sooo good thank you!!

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Ila Procell

[:03:] Love, thank you 

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Dianne Lemieux

How heavy are those Bellicon balls?  Some challenging moves for me in this one.  A lot to work on!

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barbara les

This was an innovative workout- very different moves that were challenging. Used the Heavyhands weights and it worked out great!

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Molly Johnson

I'm so glad Remy is part of the Bellicose team! He's amazing.

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Very COOL workout Remy!!!!!! A 30 min routine from you will be super great too but this 15 min routine packs a PUNCH!!!!

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Salina Bartunek-Andrews

LOVE it!
did you answer the question about the weights-- how heavy are the weights you are using?


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Oxana Brown

Ramy - Thank you so much! Such an amazing workout. Would also love a longer routine!!! :) Actually when every one of your routines end I just love them so much and just want to keep on going. You are really one with the Bellicon and have such an amazing talent in connecting with such effective depth to give the best to the mind and body with amazing clarity and elegance. Look forward to more workouts with you!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... Thank you so much!!! [:01:]

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Tough workout! Love it

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Great video and very creative exercises. Remy, you told me you can also do yoga excercises. Hope that you or someone else will show a video with yoga excercises on the Bellicon. Miss that.

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Camille Bulliard

This was such a great workout, so different in regards to strength training, I absolutely loved it!  Look forward to more with Remy! And I really loved the outdoors environment - such a great and inspiring change from being in a studio.

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