Weight Loss #5



Fayth Caruso

We introduce a few new ways to utilize the bellicon for the best mini trampoline workout available. Take breaks when needed and remember to hydrate!

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Claudia Baechler

great workouts - keep going! It's real fun, I love it!!!

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Marcia Mayper

Great workout I still need to practice double bounce on on leg! Thanks again

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great workout fayth, ty, maybe you guys could add a timer for the intervals, ie. 45 secs, 15 secs onscrreen in the future for people who have done thevideo a few times and want to mute add use their own music, just an idea. good stuff

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Nancy Walker

way too simple

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Weight Loss video #5 is my favourite in this series. There is a lot of variety - not just running intervals.

Has Be360 (now Bellicon Home) ever considered a Zumba type Bellicon exercise series? I would love that!! 

My favourite Bellicon workout is Fayth's early  Bellicon Group workout in which she does the "Jane Fonda" move - again lots of variety and muscle group used. 

Love, love, love exercising on my Bellicon

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tiziana castiglioni

The beauty of the bellicon is that you can create your own workout by getting inspiration from all the great video provided and then use your own music mix: go for the challenge, create your own bellicon video!

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This series is so motivating! :) Variety, variety, variety! I love it!

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Susan Marsh

I loved this workout!  A great mix of everything. Thank you!!

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erin yon

Thank you, Fayth. I do believe I prefer the instructor leading/doing the class, however. ANd I am capable of a higher level. What 

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Jennifer Moloney

it's a little slow to start - i like the arm movement variations and the intervals - i could have gone longer 

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Dianne Lemieux

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am learning so much and better yet, it is sooo fun!

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Like the video, but there are repeated segments - why? That is, the video repeats in places or gets stuck. I have the fast forward disabled and am using my firefox browser. May try chrome next time. Haven't seen this issue before.

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Fotini Poimenidi

That was nice thank you Fayth! Billy you are so inspirational! I saw in another video that you had 3 knee surgeries and you are still rocking it! Respect. 

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Great workout today Thank you 

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