Weight Loss #4



Fayth Caruso

Billy is back for more in this calorie burning, sweat inducing, muscle strengthening workout!

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1-4 are great !    When will #5 be added to the rundown?

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Felix Kunhardt

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1-4 are great !    When will #5 be added to the rundown?

Hi Lindsay - we are working on it. Hopefully next week! Stay tuned.

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Love the new weight loss series.  Can't wait for 5-10 to be loaded

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LOVE this series!!!

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Jennifer Maeve

strong circuit

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Loved that 7min HIIT! :D Sweatin' bucketsss! 

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Maria Simone Korbe

Wonderful.  Loved it!

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Amy Start

Awesome workout! I am loving the weight loss videos.  I hope there are more to come.  Thank you Fayth for being so specific on how to do each move and its benefit.  I have hit a rut after a rotator cuff injury from working out too hard in boxing, circuits, and TRX.  I have decided to now focus my attention on my Bellicon.  There is nothing like a made up mind and I have made up my mind to get out of this rut.  I know I can do so with the training videos you offer.  Thanks again! [:01:]Have a great day!!

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Dianne Lemieux

Really enjoying this series.  Next best thing to taking Fayth home as my personal trainer.  I am not sure I would be as disciplined about using my Bellicon without these videos.  Thinking about getting a small one for work for bouncing a bit in between clients.

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Marcia Orlet

Loved it - again, intense for a quick minute (or seven, lol), then just chill! Keep it up Fayth!!!! :)  

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Adrie Oginski

Whew Loved it~!![:01:]

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Bounce Babe

Loved it!  Great workout in a short amount of time.  [:01:]

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I just completed weight loss video #4 and I loved it.  I love the circuit training!  It went by quick and my body feels great!  Great job guys!  I'm loving the videos!  It really is the quickest way to see your body transform!!!!  

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Tania Rehman

Another great workout[:13:]

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