Weight Loss #1



Fayth Caruso

The first of many videos focusing on weight loss. Paige and I demonstrate the various cardio, balance and power moves that will make you sweat!

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That was great! So glad to hear this is part of a new series. Can't wait to try them all! [:01:]

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Kathy Meherin

I only see 4 of your workouts on the website.  You mention that there is 10.   Are they not on the website?

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Jennifer Maeve

i like the speed of the front back shuffle. It's a solid runner's weight loss workout.

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Love this video and 2,3 & 4... Wondering what happened to 5-10?  Want to complete the series, but for now doing the first 4 consistently. 

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very nice...will take me some time to get it all [:01:]

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Felix Kunhardt

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Love this video and 2,3 & 4... Wondering what happened to 5-10?  Want to complete the serie...

Hi Michelle, weightloss #5 was just produced and will be posted shortly. 6-10 will follow soon!

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Audra Lakatos

Great workout!  Perfect length and a good challenge for someone who is not an athlete, just trying to get in shape.  I really appreciate Fayth's enthusiasm and humour!

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i really enjoyed this workout

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Felix Kunhardt

Hi Victoria, thanks for the feedback. I sent you a note via email so we can find out how to solve the issue. Best, Felix

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What a great workout!  You are both so amazing!  I love that you added the arms into it.  Thanks and I look forward to completing the rest of them! Happy bouncing!!!! :)

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When I'm using an iPad or trying to put this on Apple TV, I find this happens to me too... It's pretty frustrating. Works fine on my laptop though, so I stick to that for now! What are you playing yours on?! 

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Cardio,  sand weights: I LOVE this workout! :D Super fun, quick and juuussst enough of a challenge! (Hope we start bouncing with the weights soon! ;) )

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Great workout!! Thanks!![:06:]

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Maria Simone Korbe

Love these workouts!  After teaching aerobics and personal training, this "retired" instructor LOVES these gentle, but effective workouts![:01:]

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