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High Intensity Interval Training Circuit



Fayth Caruso

High Intensity Interval Training or HIT incorporates vigorous periods of exercise with short periods of active recovery. The beauty of this is it is quick so you can fit it into your day and you can also maintain your optimal exercise form.

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Nice workout but how can this be high intensity? HIT means you wouldn't be able to talk. Is this for beginners?

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Jennifer Moloney

clear concise precise and effective - my heart rate is up and i broke a sweat!

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Jenn B

This is a good one! I'm out of breath. Faythe talks/explains just enough in her videos without being overwhelming :)

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Jennifer Wolff

Best one yet!

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Leslie Koyama

This is great!! Hope there will be more HIT videos!

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Philipp von Kunhardt

Wow, I love the studio, can you pls do more videos there?[:11:]

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Wow, I love the studio, can you pls do more videos there?[:11:]

I agree - more of this, please!

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hi fayth. good stuff!!

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I enjoyed this HIIT workout, even as I'm getting back to into an exercise routine. Ending with one of the lower intensity, relaxation videos also makes a nice routine. More HIIT videos would be awesome. Thanks!!

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Philipp von Kunhardt

Loved the workout and the new look!

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Sheila Kulycky

good workout in a short time.

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Heather Gale

love this one! Short and snappy

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Susel Fagan

Hi, I also love this one.  I would love to see some more 20 minute, more demanding videos. 30 minutes is a little long for really busy people, and this is great, but get repetitive. We need more challenge in the mid-length time, if Fayth ever gets a chance. I end up on YouTube doing the Twins workouts, as they are a good length, and also dynamic. Challenge is good for many of us who have been doing it a while, but time is always an issue. Thanks so much.

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Sadie Too

Loved this! Talk about a great workout in a short time! I followed with the Relaxation video for a great 30 minutes of exercise. 

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