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Osteo/Balance Workout



Fayth Caruso

Working on the bellicon buildings bone density and is low impact, making it a great workout for those with Osteoporosis. It also challenges and therefore improves your balance. This workout focuses on these two areas.

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Jennifer Moloney

i like the arm patterns coupled with the bounce

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Dana Hees

Thanks for this! It's very helpful.  I was one of the people who recently asked for a video to address osteoporosis. I appreciate your listening to my request and your quick response. 

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Hi I love the videos but Im not able to fast forward ?  I hope this can be changed as sometimes Im already warmed up.  Take Care

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Hi I love the videos but Im not able to fast forward ?  I hope this can be changed as sometimes...

Hi Leslie, I just checked: I could fast forward, all I got was the message that the bounces will not be tracked then.

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Iris Rundberg

I would like to see more videos specifically for osteoporosis for senior citizens.

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Iris Rundberg


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Nice balance work for a lighter day or if you find some of the more advanced balance work to be too difficult. Makes a nice add-on after a more strenuous video.

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gina clark

beautiful setting. i enjoyed doing a more relaxed but still challenging workout.

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Valerie Evans

This was really spot on for me. Thank you . Could there also be some joint rehabilitation sessions? Ankles in particular?[:01:]

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Agnes Pesile

I loved this workout! It made me aware of my posture and core engagement. I have osteoporosis so I would love more workouts geared to that.... Thanks! I've only had my Bellicon for a week and I love it!!!

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