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Sadie Too

I am loving my Bellicon! I have worked my way up from not even lasting 5 minutes to completing the 30 minute videos. I have cycled through the Weight loss series several times. Is this going to be completed? It would be nice to see more videos of 30-45 minute duration. 

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Add me to this request ... 45 minutes of good cardio!

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I'd like to see also more 30-45 min videos.

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Love the cardio intense longer workouts please can we have more

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Wendy Ogilvie

I agree. I'd love around 45minute workouts if possible please. 

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Suzie McKee

I agree too! I do Jeremy's 32 minute stamina & endurance video several times a week. Would like more like that to mix it up. Thanks!

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I'm new to Bellicon and was surprised that the videos are generally so short. I heard that it can take our bodies a good 27min to rev up before we actually hit that truly enjoyable cardio zone (whereas during that first 27min it sometimes feels not so enjoyable; I'm sure some of you can relate). I'd love to see more 45 min workouts.

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I also agree.  Videos need to be longer.  I love my bellicon but most don't get my heart rate up.  One hour would be great for us advanced bouncers  

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Reed Fisher

Yes, longer videos and more that use weights and bands.  Short ones are great "fillers" after a too-long day at work but I need the longer ones to sustain and build on what I've started.  Thanks!

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Sadie Too

I really enjoy Fayth's Full Body Workout and the Group class videos.  Plus as I asked above would love to see the weight loss series completed. That would provide almost 2 weeks of 30 minute videos to cycle through. I second Reed, like the use of weights. All in all LOVE my Bellicon and ALL the instructors. 

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Definitely! I rarely do the short workouts.  We need longer cardio based workouts that really get the heart rate up - 45 to 60 minutes   Jeremy's power bounce, cardio crush, stamina and endurance, speed and agility are my go to's.  

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Camille Bulliard

Would love more of these too!

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Fotini Poimenidi

Agreed. Add me too

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Rebecca Szucs

I would also like longer videos (30-60 minutes of actual workout, not including the warm up/cool down)!  I know that we have the option to string together some of the shorter videos on our own (which I do on the weekends), but when I only have a certain block of time for my workout I feel like I waste a lot of time trying to figure out which videos to piece together.  I love my bellicon!  Thank you for making such a wonderful piece of equipment and library of videos!!!   

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Add me to the list! I would love more 30 to 45 minute workouts! I do the shorter ones twice but would like to skip the second warm-up.

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River west

River west

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